The 3-Step Baby Massage That Will Help Your Little One Sleep

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The 3-Step Baby Massage That Will Help Your Little One Sleep

We all know there’s nothing better than a day at the spa with a nice massage. Guess what? Little growing muscles sometimes need a rubdown too. Making a baby massage part of your bedtime routine can help relax little ones who don’t like to sit still and help them sleep better. Get started with our baby-friendly massage routine:

Honest Tip: Use a dime-sized dab of calming body oil to help your hands glide over baby’s delicate skin and minimize irritation.

Step 1: Legs

Gently wrap your hand around baby’s thigh and pull down toward the calf. Once they starts to relax, pick up a foot and rub the sole in small smooth circles with your thumb. Repeat on the other leg.

Step 2: Arms

Next grab a little arm and mirror the gentle pulling motion you used on the legs. Don't forget to get those teeny hands and fingers, too. Repeat on the other arm.

Step 3: Back

Slowly rotate your baby onto their tummy and use your fingertips to smoothy trace the outsides of their spine in small circles down the back. Then, in light rounded strokes, slowly move toward the outer edges of the back.

Once babe dozes off, finish your massage with a some dreamy lavender lotion and tuck them in for a good night’s sleep.

For more on the benefits of baby massages visit Baby Center

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