These 5 Things Make Traveling with Kids Less of a Headache

These 5 Things Make Traveling with Kids Less of a Headache

With 4th of July coming up, plenty of us are getting excited to spend a couple days out of town, but possibly dreading the flight getting there. Smooth out the turbulence that comes with traveling with toddlers by making sure your carry-on is at its best. Here’s what you need:

A Backpack That’s Also a Diaper Bag

Once they make you check that stroller, you’re going to need as many free hands, arms (and legs?) as possible. Our City Backpack has all the pockets mamas and dads need (think: just enough room for travel size toiletries and all the necessities), plus an easy-wipe lining and insulated bottle holders.

Honest City Backpack

Travel Wipes

Wipes have endless uses when traveling. Cleaning dirty tray tables, wiping messy hands, touching up your eye makeup smudges and… obviously… on-the-go diaper changes. Bring a pack that won’t take up too much space in your bag, and then pick up a full size when you arrive at your destination.

Honest Travel Wipes

Snacks on Snacks

Let’s face it, food is the best distraction no matter what age you are. So, you’re gonna need two options here: a healthy snack to start with and another treat-like snack just incase times get desperate. When you inevitably reach for the treat, try to frame it as a misdirection, rather than a bribe. But if that doesn’t go as planned... what can ya do?

DIY Kale Chips


All-Purpose Balm

Hands down, the best traveling hack is to consolidate the products you pack. So, when one tube can give you more than 9 different uses, it’s got to make it in the bag. From soothing baby’s dried out skin from the plane to giving yourself a little post-flight cheekbone highlight, our Organic All-Purpose Balm is your best friend when on the go.

Organic All-Purpose Balm

A Picture Book

Books are our favorite form of entertainment, but not every passenger is going to love storytime as much as your little one. Bring an interactive book that doesn’t require reading out loud, but will still keep little minds interested.

All Kinds of Cars by Carl Johnson

Touch and Explore the Ocean by Natalie Choix

An iPad with Educational Shows & Games

True, we are all doing our best to keep little eyes away from screens as much as we can. But if there’s a time and place for everything, an hour(+) flight is probably the time and place for screen time. Help keep the balance by downloading educational shows and games on your iPad. And whatever you do, don’t forget the headphones.

Toddler Flashcards App

Super Why!

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