Top 5 Fall Activities For Creating Lasting Memories

Top 5 Fall Activities For Creating Lasting Memories

Wherever you are, be all there. - Jim Elliot

I came across this quote on awhile ago, wrote it on a notecard, and kept it in my mind.

We had a really busy September, full of fun, birthdays, and trips. I had a good time, but it felt like I was always pushing ahead to the next thing. I was distracted constantly and feeling overwhelmed with my to-dos.

This month, I want my theme to be "wherever you are, be all there." I want to enjoy each and every little moment. I want to wake up and sit for breakfast with my little girls before running around and being crazy and cleaning, planning and working. Kids are only this little for such a short while, and I want to make memories with them every day in the simplest of ways. I want to have time set apart to put my technology away, leave my to-dos alone, and get outside to enjoy life to the fullest. Even if you're busy, or you're a working parent, the kids can really sense whether or not you're "there" or not when you're together. Make the moments count!

Here are some simple ways we like to enjoy the beautiful fall season, taking advantage of moments we get with our little ones:

Top 5 Fall Activities

1. Visit a pumpkin patch! Last year we drove 45 minutes outside the city and got the whole pumpkin patch experience, and it was SO worthwhile. There was a hayride, a petting zoo, pony rides, and—obviously—pumpkins everywhere.

2. Decorate pumpkins. My kids are too little to carve pumpkins, but they're very happy to paint, color, and put stickers all over them, then display them proudly at the front door.

3. Have picnics. Somehow lunch seems to taste so much better when it's on a blanket in a grassy field. Bring a thermos of warm organic apple juice and pour it in little teacups for the little ones to make your picnic little extra special.

4. Get adventurous on rainy days. Change into rain gear and take a walk in the fresh air, then come home and get in "cozies" and have hot chocolate!

5. Collect leaves and make fall crafts. Our simple go-to is just to paint leaves and stamp the paper with them. Pretty, seasonal pictures to hang on the fridge!

When my little girls are grown, I don't want them thinking I was a distracted momma. I want them to remember moments together. I want them to feel nostalgic when they smell the fall air, recalling pumpkin patches, picnics with cider, and making forts, and just "being" together!

How do you hope to connect with your kids this fall? What are your favorite things to do as a family?

Enjoy the season!

- Kate

Katie (Kate) Brightbill lives in San Francisco with her husband and two daughters. Out of her love for mini fashion and writing, she created the blog Style Smaller with her cousin and good friend, Erin Taylor. 

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