5 Recipes You Need for Super Bowl 50

5 Recipes You Need for Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here! Whether you’ve got a team playing or you’re just tuning in for the commercials, you’re gonna need some snacks. Typical football fare can be a little more “guilty” than we’re game for, so we complied five food-coma-free favorites for you to try instead. Ready, set, SNACK!

  1. Something to dip: Homemade Hummus + Zucchini Chips
  2. Something crunchy: Parsnip Fries + Homemade Ketchup
  3. Something they love: Deviled Eggs, 3 Ways
  4. Something with substance: The Ultimate Turkey Burger
  5. Something sweet: Cinnamon Chips + Organic Fruit Salsa

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