5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Holiday Kids' Table

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Holiday Kids' Table

Holidays are supposed to be extra special for everyone, but sometimes the kiddos get stuck at a small table without much festivity. A mini version of your “adult” table setting excites the little ones and makes them feel included in the party! It also allows children to learn basic things like how to set the table on their own, and helps teach them to take pride in hosting a party for their friends. Kate Brightbill, San Francisco-based founder of the Style Smaller blog, weighs in with cute ideas on how to keep the celebration going from table to table.

1. Create Place Cards. It's fun to include your kids in the hosting process. One idea is to outline names in a black pen, then have your little one color it in to brighten the place setting for her friends. For these, cut an index card in half (or any paper you have on hand will do), write the name, then tie a little colored string around a few times to add color. As the kids get older, it may also relieve some disagreements about who is sitting next to whom.

2. Include Activities in the Decor. It's tough for small children to sit through a full meal as the adults chat. Provide some non-toxic colored pencils and notebooks (make your own by folding three index cards, punching holes, and tying together with a ribbon), or some toy animals at the table for imaginary play to pass the time while waiting for the food to arrive.

3. Use Cloth Napkins. It seems that it would be more work to wash cloth napkins, but it’s actually easier AND more eco-friendly. Use cocktail-sized for kids–they’ll soak up spills so much more effectively than paper napkins.

4. Use Small Teacups for Beverages. Spills are so common with kid parties. Fill tiny teacups with water for the little ones, or use BPA-free sippy cups for toddlers (if you have time, try creating your own mason jar sippy cups). You may have to refill a few times, but it'll save the table setting if a drink does take a tumble.

5. Don't Forget a Tablecloth. Don't Forget a Tablecloth. It's the fanciest part of the party and makes the kids feel like they're sitting at a special meal to have a tablecloth. White works great because there are great products to clear stains right off white fabrics!

Check out Kate’s blog, Style Smaller, for recipes, tips on traveling with kids, behind the scenes looks at life in San Francisco and more!

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