6 Best Non-Baby Gifts for New Parents

Aug 30, 2020
6 Best Non-Baby Gifts for New Parents

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Motherhood is arguably one of the biggest joys of a woman’s life. However, like everything else, it comes with its own unique set of challenges and hardships. 

Physical changes, hormonal changes, the effect of said changes on mental health, the responsibility, and all the duties that come with a newborn—these are just some things mothers deal with during and post-pregnancy. 

Fathers also face new challenges with the arrival of a child, too. They need extra love, care, and attention, so that they feel included in the process. Keep reading for our favorite non-baby gift ideas for new parents, especially all the mamas.

Good Gift Ideas for New Parents

For new parents, adjusting to their new roles can be challenging. Some great gift ideas to ease that transition include:

Food Vouchers

Food is a basic need, regardless of whatever else is going on in life, and makes one of the best gifts. Vouchers or certificates for food delivery, take-out, or dine-in somewhere close to home are a thoughtful gift that can make their lives infinitely easier.

Postpartum Care Kit 

This one is for the mamas. Postpartum care kits usually contain nipple creams, bath salts, earplugs, moisturizer or lotion, under-eye gel pads, witch hazel pads, and other such self-care items that are great for a nursing mom. You can get a ready-made one, or put a kit together yourself.

Comfortable Loungewear/ Pajamas

Most parents take some time off before and after the delivery to spend it home with their new baby, to heal, and to bond. This is where loungewear comes in. Who says they can’t look stylish while relaxing at home with their little one? Even better, clothes and loungewear can be used both during pregnancy and after to keep tired parents cozy.


In the early months of parenthood, you make a lot of new memories every day. It can be a practical gift for a new parent’s future self to write down feelings and experiences in a journal. It can also be gifted to the child when they are older.

Delivery Service Subscription

As we said before, new parents are over-worked and have probably made at least one middle of the night trip to get essentials like diapers, wipes, formula, or even coffee. Why not gift them a subscription for a delivery service? Many local stores offer delivery now, as does Amazon, so that essentials can be delivered right to the front door.

A Helping Hand 

Another great gift idea is to support by offering to babysit for a little while so they can take some personal time together. If you love seeking out sustainable gifts, this one’s a great option!

Notes of Encouragement with a Gift Basket

Acknowledgement and appreciation are essential for any human. The stresses of new parenthood are tenfold, and mostly, the rewards come later down the road. Gift new parents with notes of encouragement, along with a basket packed with their favorite things. Handwritten notes are a personal touch that new parents will love.

Yoga Class Membership

Yoga is an excellent way of reducing stress, be it mental or physical. It is often accompanied by meditation, which is designed to relax the body and clear the head. Both of these things are essential for new parents. Gift them a membership or subscription for a local or online yoga class to help them relax.

Self-Care Gift Ideas for New Moms


Though most of the gift ideas we’ve mentioned already are geared for both parents, we do have a few ideas for self-care gifts that new mothers will love, specifically. Whether you need gifts for makeup lovers

Bump Love  Bundle

This bundle contains a nourishing belly butter, as well as a body oil. Both of these products are designed to naturally calm an itchy, growing belly. It is a plant-based blend and provides moisture for up to 24 hours and even better, only has a price tag of $34.95. 

Sweet Curves Body Lotion

This body lotion is designed for pregnancy and post-pregnancy dry skin. It offers a blend of healthy omegas, along with nourishing plant-derived shea butter and avocado oil. It makes the perfect addition to beauty gift sets for new mamas. For just $14.95, it soothes the skin all day long!

Rock the Bump Body Butter

This intensive body butter is $19.95 and contains a blend of shea butter, avocado oil, and vitamin E to deeply moisturize stretch mark prone skin for 24 hours.

Calm Your Nip Balm

For $14.95, this nipple balm is rich in organic ingredients such as coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter. This thoughtful gift helps to alleviate nipple pain and chapped nipples. It is safe for both the mom and her new baby and does not need to be wiped off.

Me Moment Soaking Salts

A mineral-rich, natural sea salt soak for only $14.95, this product is designed to destress you mentally and physically! Perfect for a harried new mom that needs a little pick me up in the evening.

Honest City Backpack

This diaper bag is made using 100% polyurethane vegan leather, without any toxic foams or PVC. This makes the perfect gift for mom or dad to carry their baby gear. It can be used as a diaper bag or as a simple backpack due to its chic design. The multi-functional bag contains various pockets to provide new moms with easy access to all the packed essentials. Even better, the price is right! It’s only $149.95. We call it a steal for style and functionality. 

There are many non-baby gifts for new parents. At the end of the day, most just need a little pampering, like the rest of us. It’s the perfect gift you could give them! 

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