9 Useful Christmas Gifts that Will Make the Day Easier

Sep 6, 2020
9 Useful Christmas Gifts that Will Make the Day Easier

The holiday season is creeping up quickly, and with it comes decisions you have to make regarding the different gifts you want to get for your friends and family. 

Obviously, “the same old same old” simply isn’t acceptable. It’s a new year, which means it’s time to put a little more thought into your gift giving game. 

The worst kind of gift is something that isn’t particularly useful. It just winds up being “stuff” for your loved one to collect and let’s face it—no one really wants or needs to collect more stuff. The best gifts are those that are thoughtful, useful, and even better, multipurpose! 

If you’re feeling stuck, keep reading for some of our favorite useful Christmas gift recommendations. 

Honest City Backpack

There's nothing better than giving someone a backpack that's perfect for carrying all the essentials, and carrying them in style, no less. Our trendy Honest City backpack, with its five interior pockets, is just that. 

Arguably an organizer's dream, it’s one of the best non baby gifts for new parents who are looking for a diaper bag like no other. 

Of course, it’s super-chic too, which means it can be used as a great backpack for travel, making it multifunctional. Thanks to its many pockets, storing and accessing stuff is easy no matter what you use it for. 

With a price tag of just $149.95, this backpack is made from 100% polyurethane vegan leather, so it’s a wonderful choice for your vegan friends or fam. It's also a different spin on the usual diaper bags that are loaded with toxic foams or PVC. Not to mention, the wipeable PVC-free lining means spills are easy to clean too!  

You can use the large insulated compartment to keep a water bottle, snacks, and a changing pad, and use the zippered pocket to keep wipes and other essentials handy. If you plan to use it for travel purposes, it makes a great carryon to stuff your electronics and necessities in.

Complete Calm Kit

Everyone should have a regular skincare routine. For friends or family that do not, or who might want to start one, our calm kit is a practical gift that also pampers the recipient. 

By giving them a calm kit, they won’t have to bother with finding different skincare products to complete a daily regimen. They can simply follow our 4-step daily skincare recommendations, using our kit.

Not only does it remove impurities, it also smoothes the complexion, and keeps your skin looking healthy and glowing. The kit contains a foaming cream cleanser, perfect for irritated and sensitive skin. There's also a gently exfoliating, pore-refining serum with a marine-derived amino acid plus a calming phyto-blend to improve the skin’s texture. 

Included in one of these beauty gift sets is a daily moisturizer that keeps the skin hydrated all day long and a vitamin-fortified face mist to help give your skin a freshening up throughout the day. All in all, we’d say it’s a pretty great Christmas gift idea for only $85.95. It’s a perfect reminder to keep loving the skin you're in, and who doesn’t have a friend who could use that kind of reminder every now and then?

Honest Everything Tote

One of the most useful Christmas gifts for fashionistas is our cross-functional diaper bag. Not only is it super stylish, it’s also crazy comfy. Our favorite feature? Its versatility! Not only will this tote hold all of your baby’s essentials, but it can also easily transition into a changing station when you’re on the go. 

The current price is $169.95, which is well worth it for a tote that has everything a mom could ask for in keeping baby essentials organized and easily accessible.

Equipped with 9 pockets and made of 100% polyurethane vegan leather, the wipeable PVC-free lining is also a well-loved feature by all the environmentally conscious mothers out there. 

You can use the two interior insulated pockets for bottles and snacks, and use the large zippered exterior pocket as a place to separate messy or wet items from the rest of your stuff. 

Gently Nourishing Bathtime Routine Kit

There’s nothing wrong with a little self-indulgence on occasion, and when it's with a gently nourishing bath time routine kit, it's even better. Nighttime soaks in the tub are the best!  

From a shampoo and body wash combo to silicone-free conditioner and a face and body lotion—this kit is meant to provide everything you need to keep yourself squeaky clean and smellin’ fine. At a price point of only $37.95, it's a great buy too.

5 Minute Summer Face Kit

If your gift recipient loves some TLC and self-pampering, this could very well be one of the most useful Christmas gifts they'll ever receive. Our 5 minute summer kit is perfect for a little brightening up before hitting the beach for the day. 

Granted, this is a Christmas gift idea list, but hey… summer is just a hop, skip, and a jump after the holiday season, so why not prepare for it early?

This perfect gift for makeup lovers comes with a primer, atinted moisturizer with SPF, a cream foundation compact, a blush, an eyebrow pencil, a 2-in-1 mascara and lash primer, and a tinted lip balm—all for just $102.95. Even better, you get the freedom to pick your shades too!

Safety First Cotton Face Mask Family Variety 8-Pack

Considering the times we’re living in, you really can’t go wrong with a pack of cotton masks as a Christmas present. Since the aim is to protect your loved ones by helping slow the spread of germs, it's extremely thoughtful and is sure to be a hit. 

You can get a pack of 8 masks for $95.95—four for adult-sized and four kid-sized. All of the masks are machine washable and made with 100% cotton so that they are comfy and easy to care for.

Ultimate Newborn Kit

Get this kit for the friend who's recently started their journey of parenthood. Priced at $329.95, this bundle comes with all the essentials to keep their little bundle of joy clean and happy as long as it's parentally possible. 

From a towering diaper cake and a stylish backpack to diapers, an organic multi-purpose balm, a diaper rash cream, and wipes—this kit has it all. No wonder it's we named it the Ultimate Newborn Kit! It’s the perfect gift to help keep your friend sane and organized during the tough, initial days of being a new parent. 

Glow On Body Oil

We have to say, this is arguably one of the most useful Christmas gifts for a mom-to-be we could think of. With organic, plant-based ingredients, this body oil is meant to support growing bellies, no matter what her bump-care routine entails. She just needs to use a few drops of this Glow On Body Oil to keep her skin hydrated and calm. 

The hydration and nourishment stem from organic coconut, avocado, and olive oils, plus it’s hypoallergenic too. Using this rich oil means no more worrying about pregnant belly or stretching that comes with it. Get it for just $17.95 as a wonderful way to show her how much you care.

Organic Beauty Facial Oil

You're probably already aware of the benefits a good facial oil possesses. So, is there any reason not add it to the gift list? We think not. It’s especially perfect for your friends and family who have a passion for effective skincare products.

Our lightweight, organic facial oil does the job of a moisturizer while at the same time, repairing dull and dehydrated skin from within. Even better is that it doesn’t clog pores, contrary to popular belief about facial oils. Whoever you gift it to, we are certain they will cherish it dearly, it will work so darn well! 

Just $27.99, this product is made from a blend of organic, USDA certified pure seed and fruit oils that nourish and moisturize the skin, and it’s suitable for all skin types. 

That means you don’t have to stand there scratching your head, wondering what type of skin your favorite person has. You can be assured it will be beneficial no matter what! It also happens to be infused with the pleasant scents of rose, ylang-ylang, and clove oils. Sweet, sweet decadence designed to pamper the face! Who wouldn’t love it? 

There are so many useful Christmas gift ideas on the markets today, we hope this brief gift guide has helped provide you with some inspiration on where to start. The best gifts are the kind you know the recipient will actually use. Sure, they may not be super glamorous, but that’s okay. Real love is honest, and thoughtful gifts are useful, period. We said what we said! 

We aim to provide you with the most honest and credible information possible. This article was reviewed for accuracy by The Honest Team and was written based on trusted sources that are linked at the bottom of the article.

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