Celebrate National Soup Month with Turkey Tortilla Soup

Celebrate National Soup Month with Turkey Tortilla Soup

January is national soup month and what better way to celebrate than with this Instagram-worthy Turkey Tortilla Soup from our friend Gaby Dalkin?! Gaby is the queen of anything involving avocado and this hearty bowl of goodness is no exception. Feel free to swap the turkey with leftover chicken for an easy weeknight recipe. 

There's really nothing I love more on a blustery winter day than a big bowl of soup – Tortilla Soup to be exact! Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I grew up in Arizona and Tortilla Soup is a way of life there! Or perhaps it's the crispy tortilla strips on top. Or maybe it's because you can top this soup with as much avocado as your heart desires. Either way, it's the perfect quick and easy weeknight meal to make for your family this time of year! (If you're feeling extra decadent, you could whip up a cheese quesadilla to go alongside it.)

To get the recipe, head on over to What's Gaby Cooking!

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