DIY: How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs

DIY: How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs

Regardless of your culinary prowess, “how to boil an egg” is a skill everyone should have in their back pocket. Whether eaten alone as a quick snack or added to a salad or sandwich for a heartier meal, hard boiled eggs are a kitchen staple. Today Dzung Lewis (of Honeysuckle) is showing us how to get a perfect boiled egg, every time.

DIY: How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs


6 eggs

Large pot

Steamer basket or strainer

Large bowl of ice water


1. Fill a large pot with water about an inch high. Place a steamer basket inside the pot and carefully place the eggs inside.

2. Cover the pot and let it come to a low boil for 20 minutes  on medium heat. If you don’t have a steam basket you can use a metal strainer that fits inside the pot. Don’t let the heat get too high so that all the water evaporates.

  • For slightly runny and soft-boiled eggs, cook 12 minutes.
  • For creamy and medium-boiled eggs, cook for 15 minutes.
  • For firm and hard-boiled eggs, cook for 20 minutes.

DIY: How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs

3. Once they’re done, plunge them immediately into an ice bath. Leave them in there for a few minutes until they’re ready to peel. The shells will easily come off!

DIY: How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs

~ Dzung Lewis of Honeysuckle

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