Earth Day Activity: DIY Succulents

Earth Day Activity: DIY Succulents

Earth Day is right around the corner and to celebrate, we’re getting crafty! Succulents are the ultimate way to spruce your space because they’re stylish, yet they require minimal water to thrive. The best part is that you don’t really need a green thumb — just follow our quick tips, below.

Quick Tips for Succulent Survival

  1. Plant above the rim. Succulents needs sunlight, so it's best to expose as much surface area as possible.
  2. Don’t overwater. Mist about every 1-2 weeks or so (check out this DIY succulent spritzer).
  3. Keep in a sunny spot. A window sill or patio are both perfect for catching some rays.
  4. Go with green if your plant will stay indoors. Succulents with green leaves (vs. blue or gray) are better suited for less light.
  5. Experiment with different sizes and heights. Make sure to staggar your plants so they don't block each other from sunlight. 

DIY Upcycled Succulent

Now, for a quick lesson in upcycling! Today we're turning an old Suds Up ceramic dish into a chic and sleek home for a houseplant. Bonus: the dish brush works wonders on heavier clothing and carpet stains.

Earth Day Activity: DIY Succulents

Earth Day Activity: DIY Succulents


Suds Up ceramic dish (or other upcycled vessel, like a babyfood jar or used candle)

Gravel or pebbles


Succulent of choice


Line your dish with a layer of gravel.

Fill with soil.

Plant your succulent.

Cover soil with additional gravel or other decorative cover.

Earth Day Activity: DIY Succulents

Honest Tip: Don’t skimp on the gravel! The top layer helps to keep the soil from drying out, while the bottom layer works to keep the roots of your plant properly drained.

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