Friday Finds: Nature’s Flavors Organic Food Coloring

Friday Finds: Nature’s Flavors Organic Food Coloring

Don’t let the colors of the season fall flat while trying to avoid sketchy ingredients — ditch the Red #40 just in time for the holidays with organic food coloring from Nature’s Flavors. The first company to offer a rainbow of natural and organic coloring, Nature’s Flavors dyes are made solely of natural and organic plant extracts. Avoiding artificial dyes can be extremely difficult, but with these plant based versions you can breathe easy while baking this holiday season.

The most commonly consumed artificial dye, Red #40 has been known to cause a host of health issues including hyperactivity, chromosomal damage, and lymphomas — making it a major offender in our book. Luckily, the red coloring from Nature’s Flavors is just as pigmented to stand up to the competition, yet it’s also USDA certified organic, kosher, gluten-free, and vegan. They use the purest ingredients, and stand by the fact that no toxins, chemicals, or synthetics are used during production.

Friday Finds: Nature's Flavors Organic Food Coloring

With a simple ingredient list of: water, plant, and vegetable extracts; we’re sold.

Click here to learn more about Nature’s Flavors and their mission to spread the natural and organic bounty of nature through their products.

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