Get Lucky: DIY Shamrocks + 4 Ways to Wear!

Get Lucky: DIY Shamrocks + 4 Ways to Wear!

Irish or not, the luck is on your side this year with our DIY shamrocks. This Pinterest-worthy craft could not be simpler, and the ways to rock them are endless! Learn how to make some shamrocks of your own then take a look at our style suggestions for some Honest inspiration.

DIY Shamrocks


Green felt (*go extra green and use eco felt, made from post consumer recycled bottles)




Optional Materials



Safety pin backer


Hot glue gun


  1. Cut: Cut out 3 pieces of felt to use as your leaves. The ones we used here were about and inch wide and just under an inch tall, but this can be totally customized.
  2. Sew: Use your need and thread to sew the leaves together as seen in the example provided.
  3. Cinch: Carefully tighten your thread so the leaves get cinched together and start to form a small circle.
  4. Tie: Secure you shamrock but tying the ends of the thread to close the circle.

Get Lucky: DIY Shamrocks + 4 Ways to Wear

Make as many shamrocks as your heart desires then get crafty! Check out our 4 favorite ways to wear below:

Put a Ring On It - Use a hot glue gun to secure a shamrock to an old ring or an inexpensive band found at your local craft store.

Update a Hair Clip - Add some flair to your hair by using glue and a couple of shamrocks to disguise a less-than-trendy barrette. What's old is new again!

Get Lucky: DIY Shamrocks + 4 Ways to Wear

Pin It! - Glue a shamrock to a safety pin backer then pin into place. Feel free to go wild with these little guys.

Get Lucky: DIY Shamrocks + 4 Ways to Wear

Tie It Back - Give a classic look a makeover by securing some shamrocks to your favorite ribbon headband. Tie it on and keep those strands in place in style.

What are your favorite St. Patrick's Day traditions? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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