Make a Valentine’s Day Gift Pouch in 4 Easy Steps

Make a Valentine’s Day Gift Pouch in 4 Easy Steps

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It’s true that the very best gifts are the ones from the heart, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. In fact, it's probably the most appropriate time to give handmade treats because it shows your sweetie how much you really care! These felted hearts are a sweet and simple way to share treats, messages, or other small gifts this Valentine’s Day. They are the perfect craft project for any age, and can be a fun hands-on learning opportunity for the little ones.

When finished, the Valentine’s Day Gift Pouch can be filled with any treat of your choosing. This gives you the option to control what gets put inside (especially if it’s for the kids)—whether you go with natural candyorganic chocolate, healthy trail mix, a few “lucky pennies,” or a love note. They can also be reused for years to come as a pretty pouch to keep jewelry or loose change.

See the four easy steps below!

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  • Printable template (you can download that here)
  • Felt
  • Embroidery floss
  • Embroidery needle
  • Push pins
  • Scissors


1. Trace heart pattern onto your felt and cut out the back, bottom, and top pieces. Cut about 20 inches of your chosen floss color and thread your needle.candy pouch 4

2. Position your back and bottom pieces and set aside. Take the top piece and stitch a line along the bottom. candy pouch 5

3. Align this top piece with the others and use push pins to hold in place.  candy pouch 6

4. Using the same thread, stitch around the entire perimeter to secure all three pieces together. Fill with treats of your choosing and spread the love!  candy pouch 7

Feel free to add your own personal touches by embroidering a name or message, sewing on buttons or other charms, or using patterned edged scissors for a unique silhouette.

To remember the steps, feel free to pin this on your DIY Pinterest board:

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