Share the Love: DIY Printable Valentine

Share the Love: DIY Printable Valentine

Love is already in the air...and we're loving the crafty spirit of DIY Supermoms, Aimée and Bettijo, this Valentine's Day! From creative home accessories to printables that pop for every occasion, these women have wit and whimsy to spare. 

Hello! It's Aimée and Bettijo from, and we're here to share a darling class valentine idea that we know you'll love.


Valentine's Day will be laced with plenty of sugar, which is why we like to opt for a candy-free class valentine. All the kids need and use erasers so they make a fabulous gift that you know won't go to waste. Attach pink erasers with glue dots to our free printable Valentine's template, and you've got a class valentine that will get a big thumbs up from teacher.

TO MAKE: Download the free printable Pink Eraser Valentine Template, and print on white cardstock. Cut out each card and have your child sign his or her name. Attach pink erasers with glue dots, and you're all set to give.


These Valentine's coordinate well with this free printable banner you can use to decorate your house or attach one of the tags to your gift for the teacher -- might we suggest Honest Hand Sanitizer to help teacher fight off all the love bugs going around.


Head here for more free printable class valentines ideas.

A big thank you to Aimée and Bettijo for sharing the love!

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