The Best of Summer Watermelon Slushy

The Best of Summer Watermelon Slushy

I'm very honored to be contributing to The Honest Company's blog today...and from here on out. What a treat it is. So, what better recipe to share than our favorite Summer treat at my home?

The Watermelon (any type of melon, actually) Slushy. Better described as the "Healthy Slurpee" because these drinks have that same icy sweet flavor but without the added sugar, food colorings and contain REAL fruit. It's really easy. And very refreshing for super hot days like today. All you do is add melon and ice to the Vitamix (or other high speed blender) and blend until completely smooth.

Kids love them.

If I'm making them for adults, I add fresh herbs like mint or spices like cardamom to add a more gourmet flavor. Add a pretty straw and voila! And of course, if you want an even more advanced adult beverage, you can add other ingredients as well. I haven't actually tried that but I imagine it's pretty tasty!  (wink)

My all time favorite is cantaloupe and a dash of honey or watermelon with chopped mint (as shown here). But frozen banana mixed with cinnamon and cardamom isn't bad either. So amazing!

We store them in large containers and bring them to the beach.

What's your favorite combination? I'd love to hear a few?

Happy Summer! Enjoy!

- Juli Novotny of Pure Mamas

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