The Chalkboard's Simple Secret: Massage Your Kale

The Chalkboard's Simple Secret: Massage Your Kale

Massage Your Kale

Kale continues to reign supreme as the superfood darling of the foodie and wellness worlds. We’re not surprised thanks to its health benefits and culinary versatility. There are few other leafy greens that shine in juices, smoothies, salads, pizzas, wraps, and chips while also providing about 100% of your daily requirements for vitamins A, C, and K in one simple cup. Really, it’s hard to think of how kale can be made better. But our friends at The Chalkboard have discovered the secret, and they’re sharing a simple tip to transform your dark greens into greatness.

We’ve been on the kale bandwagon for years, yet sometimes it takes a bit of coaxing to get skeptics on board with our leaf-loving ways – in its natural state, kale can be tough, fibrous, and a little bitter. Enter the simplest tip ever for turning kale into a culinary delicacy: massage your kale.

“Massaging” kale is one of the easiest culinary techniques – and simplest health tips – ever. It takes just three minutes and is so foolproof it can be mastered by kitchen novices in a heartbeat. The process causes the kale to wilt, turning this once-coarse leafy green into a silky, manageable, and palatable vegetable that’s reminiscent of steamed spinach. The flavor also becomes much milder, turning it into the perfect salad green.

Ready to get your hands dirty? Head to The Chalkboard to learn the simple technique and ingredients needed for elevating kale to a new level (and we thought that wasn’t possible!)….

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