The Eco Way to Throw an End of Summer BBQ

The Eco Way to Throw an End of Summer BBQ

A backyard barbecue should be a simple, stress-free party—but we know these get-togethers can generate a lot of plastic waste that adds up over time to have a big impact on our earth. So, just like we’ve tried to rethink how to create a business that promotes health and sustainability, we’ve thought of new ways to entertain outdoors while keeping the planet in mind. Here are some tips and ideas to inspire your eco-chic soiree (no boring here!).

Set the mood for your barbecue by sending your friends a summery invite. {1} Evite and Paperless Post offer a great selection of themed and designer electronic invitations that will save postage, paper, and trees. But if you’re a stationery lover and want to surprise friends with unexpected snail mail, stamp {2} this delightful eco-friendly alternative from Wiley Valentine. These beautiful cards are printed on 100% recycled plantable paper embedded with herb seeds, which your guests can simply plant and watch their new garden grow!

Consider sustainable serving to dish up your food for the evening. If you’re imagining a barbecue that’s unfussy but big on charm, {3} use real plates that you already own or purchase inexpensive vintage china at a thrift store. This not only minimizes waste and maximizes re-use, but mixing and matching your tableware will create an eclectic, bohemian look that will feel effortless and delight guests. Similarly, reusable {4} mason jars and {5} Ikea’s Slom bottle (an Honest favorite) are a budget-friendly way to make tap water and iced tea feel a little more luxe.

Because reusable glass isn’t always practical if a backyard barbecue is going to be a family affair (or maybe you don’t want any dishes to clean…Honest Sarah sheepishly raises her hand), pick up {6} affordable biocompostable or biodegradable bamboo plates, cups, and utensils that are easily found online or at a natural grocery store. This eco alternative is a healthier choice than all the plastic disposable stuff we use once and toss in the trash—it will reduce the impact of the supposedly 4 to 7 pounds of waste we wheel to the curb each day.

Straws add a sweet touch to drinks and keep your lady friends’ lipstick smudge free. We love these biodegradable paper and reusable glass options from {7} Kikkerland and {8} Glass Dharma.

With all the yummy eating, drinking, and merriment that will ensue, lighting will add to the relaxed ambiance of the night and encourage guests to stay awhile. Which is exactly what we want for our last celebration of the season. To save on energy, try {9} solar powered lanterns (available at Ikea too) or Goodlight Natural Candles that are free of the carcinogenic chemicals found in conventional paraffin votives’ fumes. You could even create your own lantern by placing a votive inside a mason jar and suspending it overhead with some wire. Magical!

Now it’s time to be transported…

This is the second post in a series of four about how to throw an inspired and easy end of summer barbecue. Read more about our favorite recipes and stay tuned for tomorrow’s DIY post where we share how to make a travel-themed tablescape and seed packet place cards.

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