The Vegan Cookbook That (Might) Change Your Life

The Vegan Cookbook That (Might) Change Your Life

When we first discovered Coconut Bowls — beautiful, handmade bowls upcycled from real coconuts — we fell hard and fast. When we got a taste of some of the recipes in their companion cookbook, it was all over. Featuring wholesome breakfasts, nourishing buddha bowls and snacks, sweets and raw treats from some of the world’s most recognized vegan recipe developers, it’s literally love at first sight (so gorgeous) and bite (so delicious).

Want all the good stuff? We’re all about the limited-edition bundle pack, which includes the Vegan Bowls for Vegan Souls cookbook, one coconut bowl, one coconut spoon and one coconut fork.

Go bowled two ways with these recipes:

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