10 Ways to Get Organized (in 10 Minutes or Less!)

10 Ways to Get Organized (in 10 Minutes or Less!)

The holidays are here, which means the kids will be home from school, extended family will be coming to town, and parents will be pulling out all the stops to ensure all goes smoothly (it doesn't hurt to dream, right?). There is no better time to get organized, as it will help reduce stress and keep the peace. To help us tackle this feat, Tidy Tova — the expert organizerjoins us this week to share her favorite tips for creating harmony in the home.

1. Go Paperless by reducing your mail. Switch to paperless billing, unsubscribe from catalogs that are offered online, and opt for e-versions of your favorite newspapers and magazines. You’ll save time and trees!

2. Do a fridge detox and throw out old, expired food. Keeping an orderly fridge will actually keep food fresher, so you’ll waste less, and you’ll have a better handle on your food inventory.

3. Streamline your wardrobe and set aside unwanted items for donation. Don’t let your closet get overloaded with clothing that you don’t wear. Do take the opportunity to pass on those items to someone in need! (This one applies to the whole family)

4. Store keepsakes in an old shoebox or bin to help declutter your home. Don’t forget to label the outside of the box so you know what’s inside!

5. Recycle old magazines, junk mail, and coupons. Get a handle on papers before they start to pile up and overwhelm.

6. Check your totes at the door by installing a hook to hang them on. This way you won’t forget to grab your reusable bags on your way to the supermarket and you’ll help reduce disposable bag pollution.

10 Ways to Organize (in 10 Minutes or Less!)

7. Know your to-dos. Hang a dry erase board in your home or office and keep an active to-do list. Maintaining a master list will help keep you focused, and also cut-down the amount of paper waste you produce with floating lists.

8. Keep accessories accessible with an honestly easy DIY. Hammer a row of nails into a piece of scrap wood and hang jewelry or accessories. This display will make everything easy to see, prevent tangling, and save you time when trying to complete the day’s look.


9. Test your pens and dispose of any used up or faulty members. Send them to a recycling program like TerraCycle that takes old pens, pencils, highlighters, and markers and converts them into recycled materials and products.

10. Make your bed. Making your bed gives your room an overall tidy vibe and will encourage productivity in other ways. Plus, it sets a great example for your kids — it’s never too early to start teaching healthy cleaning habits.

~Tidy Tova

Tidy Tova is a Professional Organizer based in NYC. She is passionate about organization and hopes to make the world a tidier place. You can follow her on twitter and Instagram, and read more tips on her blog.

How do you like to get your home in order? Share your tried and true organizing tips in the comments section below!

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