7 Tips for an Organized Kitchen

7 Tips for an Organized Kitchen

The kitchen is a home’s mecca — the main gathering place, that special spot where all of those little mouths are fed. So much happens in this one room that it’s important to keep things neat and tidy. With a little help from Tidy Tova, your kitchen’s organization can go a long way.

7 Tips for an Organized Kitchen

  1. Designate a space for baby bottles and kids eating utensils. So nothing gets lost in the mix, set aside room (or even a dedicated cabinet) to store your children’s food items. You don’t want to be rummaging for the right plate or bottle when there’s a hungry baby around.
  2. Store cleaning products together and out of reach. Keep your cleaning supplies stored high up and away from curious little hands. If you have a usable pantry door, mount a rack to the back of it and keep the supplies towards the top. Another option is corralling everything in a caddy and keeping it above the fridge.
  3. Clear out your pantry. The depths of your pantry or food cabinets can become black holes if you don’t visit them every once in a while. Go through one shelf at a time and throw away anything that’s expired or looks off. You’ll be able to take stock of what you have on hand and free up space.
  4. Utilize wall space for extra storage. If you have limited cabinet and drawer space, take advantage of the walls! A knife holder, pot rack, or pegboard loaded up with utensils are all options that will greatly maximize your kitchen’s storage.
  5. Label the lids of your spices. To help you seamlessly find the right spices while cooking, label the tops. This quick trick will save you lots of time and frustration.
  6. Keep like-items together. When it comes to food storage, think in categories. Corral all of the baking ingredients and place them on a shelf, designate a shelf for rice and grains, keep the snacks together, and so on. If you’re feeling extra bold, label each shelf or drawer so you know what belongs where and everyone in your home will too.
  7. Store the staples in clear airtight containers. Must-have ingredients like flour and sugar should be stored in airtight, clear containers to preserve freshness and for easy access. And when you see that items are running low, add them to your shopping list so you won’t run out.

~Tova, Tidy Tova

Tidy Tova is a Professional Organizer based in NYC. She is passionate about organization and working to make the world a tidier place! You can follow her on Instagram and Pinterest, and read more tips on her blog.

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