Brighten Your Wardrobe with These Colorblock Earrings

Brighten Your Wardrobe with These Colorblock Earrings

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This week’s DIY is the perfect way to update your accessories and infuse some color into your wardrobe. These simple colorblock earrings can be made in an afternoon. They're so simple, once you make your first pair it will be hard to stop at one! So pull out all of your leftover embroidery floss from the friendship bracelet craze of 2013, and scour your jewelry collection for some old hoop earrings.

When finished, these earrings will be a funky, one-of-a-kind piece for your accessories collection, or a perfectly unique gift. You can even tailor the colors to match specific outfits or events. Making your own on-trend accessories, like these earrings, is a fun way to upcycle old fashion trends and keep the things you already own relevant!

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  • Embroidery floss
  • Inexpensive hoop earrings
  • Non-toxic craft glue
  • Scissors

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  1. Choose your colors! Cut about 40 inches of each one for a large hoop, less for a small hoop. You can always trim any excess so better to overestimate in this case.

  2. Place a little bit of glue on one end of the hoop.

  3. Take your chosen thread and lay it parallel to the hoop, with the end resting in your dot of glue. Select the thread color that you want to show first and begin wrapping it around both the hoop and the other thread colors, with the other threads laying smoothly against the hoop.colorblock earrings 3

  4. When ready to change colors, add the first thread back to the others and select your next choice. Now begin wrapping with this color, just as before. Continue to do this as many times as desired to create the perfect pattern for you!colorblock earrings 4

  5. When you reach the end place a bit of glue on the hoop and continue to wrap thread snugly. Trim the colors that you are not using as short as you can (nail clippers also work well here) and then wrap up with the remaining piece of thread. Use a bit of glue to secure this last bit, then use a final dab over top the thread to seal it up. Gently press with your finger to smooth it out and ensure a nice seal.

  6. Repeat the finishing process on the other end of the hoop by trimming away excess thread and creating a seal with the glue.colorblock earrings 5

  7. Have fun with your new one-of-a-kind statement earrings!


Save this DIY idea to your Pinterest board! See the graphic below for simple instructions.

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What’s your favorite way to update old fashion trends? Share below!

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