Bring Life to Your Home with Simple Succulents

Bring Life to Your Home with Simple Succulents

DIY Summer Succulent Arrangement

Here at the Honest office, we love succulents! Not only are they aesthetically pleasing and easy to care for, but they also require very little water which is such a precious resource these days. Much like your favorite flowers, succulents can be arranged as beautiful pieces for your home, office, or other living space. Check out the best houseplants to purify indoor air for more information on how they also act as natural purifiers (succulents continue to give off oxygen at night once photosynthesis ceases).

And have the kids join this DIY, as they will love the chance to get their hands dirty! The activity allows for a special learning experience, from the point of planting through the continual care of the plants.

Make sure to keep your creations in a sunny spot and only water every two weeks or when the soil appears dry. Less is more in this case, and you don’t want to risk over watering your plants. (Treat them like the desert and they will thrive.)


  • assortment of succulents

  • wide glass container

  • gravel

  • cactus soil

  • sand

  • ornaments/decorations (optional)

Water Tolerant Succulents

Let Kids Plant Succulents


  1. Pick out your plants! It's especially fun to look for contrasting heights, colors, and textures.

  2. Find a suitable container. Affordable glass bowls can be found at local discount stores, or check your local thrift store for a piece with added shabby chic-ness.

  3. Wipe down your container and fill with a 2-inch layer of gravel. Gravel is good for drainage and will keep your plant’s roots from remaining too wet.

  4. Add a layer of cactus soil mix. You can also re-use the cactus potting soil that your plants came in.

  5. Transplant your succulents from their containers and place them in your pot. Make sure roots fit comfortably and are not too crowded. Also keep plant height in mind, and arrange plants from tallest to smallest. We want each plant to get their fair share of sunshine!

  6. Cover with a layer of sand. Depending on the look you are going for, different varieties of sand can be purchased at your local garden center or at a pet store. Or, of course, you can also grab a scoop or two from the beach!

  7. Add decorations for unique flair. You can add small trinkets, seashells, or recycled glass as seen here.

  8. Enjoy your plantscapes!

DIY Simple Succulents

Because succulents are such hearty little plants, it’s fun to experiment with different types of vessels to plant them in. Repurposed mason jars, baby food containers, and stemless wine glasses can be used and make great gifts or party favors. Clear containers are great if you are aiming for an especially natural feel, but they are not the only option. See Mod Pots for Urban Gardening for more inspiration!

What are other fun things to make with succulents? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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