Cool Summer DIY Activities for Kids + Giveaway

Cool Summer DIY Activities for Kids + Giveaway

Cool Summer DIY Activities for Kids and Giveaway

School’s out! For kids, this means play. For parents, this means finding fun educational activities to entertain the brood.

But we know it can be an art to pull together projects — especially when summer break doesn’t always have the same meaning for mom and dad. So, we love Kiwi Crate because it answers our summer DIY prayers.

Summer DIY Activities for Kids

Summer DIY Tools

Kiwi Crate did the “work” for us, smartly organizing a water world of activities. A compact box arrived at our house, deceptively filled with tons of amazing crafts, science experiments, instructions, and the tools needed to make it happen. Then, we simply got to spend our time getting creative, exploring, and learning alongside our kids.

DIY Sailboat


The Wonders of Water crate made a big splash — no trip to the beach needed! The kids were captivated creating marine animals because, really, who doesn’t love using a pint-sized spray bottle to diffuse water (and spritz parents)! And did you know that one of the world’s tiniest sea horses takes one hour to swim the length of the bathtub? We didn’t either, but appreciated how these thoughtful factoids added another dimension to our project.

Kiwi Crate DIY

Easy Summer DIYs

And the fun doesn't end there. Kids can use the planned projects as a jumping off point for independent making. Parents can encourage real-life connections using the bonus materials that expand upon the box's theme. With plenty of ideas to keep everyone happily engaged for the weekend and beyond, Kiwi Crate makes incorporating DIYs into our summer routine easy.

Summer DIYs Inspire Creativity

Bonus DIY Ideas

Because we're always looking for new ways to make your lives easier and add delight, we’ve teamed up with Kiwi Crate and Tea Collection for a giveaway that’s sure to inspire your next beach adventure. Visit Kiwi Crate, here, and enter to win over $500 in prizes including a five-piece wardrobe from Tea Collection, a Sun + Fun Kit and gift card from Honest, and a 6-month subscription and gift card to Kiwi Crate. And invite your friends to explore with you, as the sweepstakes runs until July 25!

Bonus: Save 25% on your first month subscription and get free shipping at Kiwi Crate using code BEACH25.

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