DIY Shoe Tray: Take Off Your Shoes & Stay Awhile

DIY Shoe Tray: Take Off Your Shoes & Stay Awhile

DIY Shoe Tray to Reduce Indoor Dirt and Toxins

Did you know that 85% of the dirt in your home is brought in from the outside on the bottom of your shoes? Yuck, right!

The one thing both Jessica and Christopher swear by is this: Remove your shoes when you come in! You’ll protect your floors, keep them cleaner, and greatly reduce the “invisible enemies” you track in—dirt, chemicals, bacteria, feces, lead dust, pesticides, allergenic dust, animal dander, and other pollutants.

To avoid a messy pile of sneakers, sandals, and heels by the front door, create a shoe tray so there is a designated (and aesthetically pleasing) spot to rest your kicks. It will also act as a reminder to you and your guests to leave your shoes at the door.

Keep Toxins Outside with a DIY Shoe Tray


  • Old Tray (Alternatives: Old Picture Frame, Shallow Dresser Drawer, Oil Drip Pan)
  • Eco-Turf (Alternatives: Tile or River Rocks)
  • Scissors

Create a DIY Shoe Tray

Easy Steps

1. Find an old tray that has been lying around the house just looking for a new purpose in life. If you don’t have a tray, get creative and use an old picture frame (glass or plastic removed), try a shallow dresser drawer, find a large baking sheet, or scour the garage for workable pieces.

2. You can use the tray "as is" or paint it in a fun, fresh color to give it a little bit of edge.

3. Next, measure the length and width of the interior of your tray.

4. Lay your eco-turf down on a flat surface with the grass facing toward the ground. Measure and cut the appropriate size shape to be inserted into your tray.

Tip: Similarly, washable materials like tile or river rocks work well to fill the tray because they also can withstand any moisture that might collect from your shoes' soles. The eco-turf or other filler should be periodically rinsed off to wash away any leftover muck from your shoes.

5. Tuck your eco-turf inside your tray and place the finished piece by your front door so you and your guests can kick off your shoes.

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