Easy (and Green) Outdoor Adventures in Your Own Backyard

Easy (and Green) Outdoor Adventures in Your Own Backyard

Sometimes the perfect place to let your imagination run wild is in your own backyard. And, with a little planning ahead, an everyday playdate can turn into the adventure of a lifetime. Bonus points: it’ll get little ones out of the house (and loving it).

Garden Party

Spending time with nature cultivates a love for mother earth. What better way to learn how amazing our planet is than experiencing it’s magic first hand? Set up a gardening session with these adorable tools and seeds — kids will love watching their creations grow. Plus, they’ll get to play in the dirt, which we all know is irresistible.


  1. Spring Garden Kit
  2. Strawberry Seeds for Kids
  3. Melissa & Doug® Gardening Tote Set

Camping with Critters

Set an outdoorsy scene with a cute, kid-friendly tent and they’ll be ready to go become one with the wild things.  Extra credit: Serve up some gluten-free s'mores as a snack. But, beware: they’ll be having so much fun by the pretend campfire, that they may actually want to sleep outside.


  1. Artisan S'mores Kit
  2. Pretty Picnic Blanket
  3. Leaf-Print Organic Cotton Tent

Step into the Storybook

Give spark to their storytelling side (in a good way) by helping little ones create their own little fairytale. Invite butterflies to make friends by planting their favorite flowers. Then, offer up a tin of magic beans and take guesses on how tall the stalks will grow.


  1. Kids'Butterfly Garden
  2. Jack's Magic Beans
  3. Fairy Garden Kit


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