Friday Finds: Jacobsen Salt Co.

Friday Finds: Jacobsen Salt Co.


Often the simple things make the biggest difference, especially when handcrafted with loving care. Jacobsen Salt Co.'s finishing salt is no exception. Harvested from the cold waters off the Oregon coast, the pure sea salt enhances your food's taste, texture, and appearance – perfect for chefs and home cooks everywhere. You even can enjoy your favorite finishing salt with meals on the go because their tiny tin smartly slides into your purse or pocket.

Just as much as we love the artisanal products they create (did someone say Lemon Zest or Pinot Noir flavored flake salt?!), we love the Jacobsen Salt Co. mission of local sourcing, supporting small businesses, and building community.

Jacobsen Salt Co. Lemon Zest Flake Salt

Images provided by Jacobsen Salt Co.

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