Friday Finds: Peg and Awl Lunch Bag

Friday Finds: Peg and Awl Lunch Bag

Friday Finds

Now that back-to-school season in gear, certain cues remind us when the classroom calls: the sight of school bus yellow early in the morning or the unmistakable crinkle of brown paper destined for a bustling cafeteria. That's why we totally understand if you wax nostalgic with Peg and Awl's Marlowe reusable lunch bag.

Peg and Awl is a family-owned, Philadelphia-based business specializing in vintage materials repurposed into products for modern living (call it upcycled inspiration). Their handsome bag looks like the classic lunch carrier, from the sawtooth top edge and cut-out tab to the simple flat-pack construction.


Reusable lunch bag

It's the thoughtful twists that keep this sustainably stylish for adults, like the tough waxed canvas construction that wipes clean and an exterior pocket primed for notes, just like mom used to leave in your lunch.

reusable lunch bag

Available in multiple colors, including that signature brown, the Marlowe lunch bag is even finished with a reclaimed leather tag made from antique WWII gunslings with an optional vegan alternative. Roll the top of this sturdy sack and take it everywhere--just remember that you don't get to trade your sandwich anymore.

all images courtesy of Peg and Awl.


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