Friday Finds: Quinn Popcorn

Friday Finds: Quinn Popcorn

When it comes to feeding my family, I like to keep it simple — real ingredients, real flavors. As the Founder of a company, I also value transparency. So, it’s no wonder why I’m such a fan of today’s Friday Find. On a mission to clean up the snack aisle, Quinn Popcorn is reinventing microwave popcorn by using better ingredients for a better tasting snack. Simple, right?

Committed to an idea they call, “farm-to-bag,” Quinn Popcorn believes that knowing where your food comes from is fundamental. They only use ingredients that “their grandmothers would recognize” and that are grown right here in the US. Even their Pure Pop Bag is made from compostable paper and is free of the usual suspects you might find in a microwave popcorn bag — no chemical coatings, no metalized plastic heating elements, and no laundry list of reported health concerns. You can learn more about that here.

Friday Find: Quinn Popcorn

Making better-for-you products isn't easy, but it is possible, and that’s exactly what Quinn Popcorn is hoping to teach others in the industry. To read more about their story and purchase your own popcorn, head over to their website. Happy snacking!

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