Friday Finds: Recycled Newspaper Pencils

Friday Finds: Recycled Newspaper Pencils

14 billion pencils are sold worldwide every year. That’s a lot of trees! Drawing from this figure (and a desire to make it better) TreeSmart decided to use their resources and get crafty. The result? A high-quality pencil made of 100% recycled newspaper that lasts longer, wastes less, and is simply more fun to use. I think this is an example of sustainability at its best.

The Portland based company is on a mission to one day replace all of the wooden pencils in classrooms with their eco-conscious alternative. Not only does this goal support their overall commitment to preserving natural resources, reducing waste, and promoting recycling; but it also serves as teachable moment for our kids. Little ones can see the result of recycling firsthand, in the form of something that they use every day.

With TreeSmart recycled pencils, you can make today’s notes out of yesterday’s news — literally. Write on, friends.

Click here to learn more about the recycle process and purchase some pencils of your own!


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