Friday Finds: Stop Here, This is the Place

Friday Finds: Stop Here, This is the Place

While Mother’s Day comes but once a year, motherhood is something that should be celebrated each and every day. This beautiful new book, an artistic collaboration between two moms, takes an unfiltered look at life with children. It’s remarkably honest and something you won’t soon forget.

Winky Lewis and Susan Conley, a photographer and an author, spent 52 weeks capturing their lives through picture and prose — one would shoot and the other would caption. The result? A beautifully bound account of the everyday, yet supremely intimate moments of motherhood.

Beyond the touching images and text, this collection is about slowing down and enjoying the small moments that life is made up of. While it feels slow when you’re in the thick of it, childhood is so fleeting and we must remember to pause and appreciate this time. 

Click here to learn more about Stop Here, This is The Place: A Year in Motherland.


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