Friday Finds: Torus Tea Infuser

Friday Finds: Torus Tea Infuser

A warm cup of tea is truly one of life’s simple pleasures. Add a fresh dose of delight to your afternoon tea time with this infuser from Ommo, a company that stands for the notion that good design should be for everyone. The donut-shaped Torus is as functional and user-friendly, as it is fun to use.

Dedicated to the principle that products should be simple, yet innovate and inspire, Ommo has produced what might be the perfect infuser. Made of stainless steel and silicone (no plastic!), the twistable tube can clip onto any cup, or transform into an S-hook that can hang on the rim of a taller tumbler. Just fill with a teaspoon of loose tea leaves, hang on a cup and let it brew.

Affordable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, the Torus is a timeless product I can definitely get behind. To learn more about Ommo or purchase one for yourself, head over to their website.

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