Friday Finds: WallCandy Art Wallpaper

Friday Finds: WallCandy Art Wallpaper

Sick of being stuck indoors yet? With reusable wallpaper by WallCandy Arts, you can bring some color inside while you wait for Spring to warm things up outside. These non-toxic peel-and-stick wall decals are US made and come in enough designs and patterns to suit any style.

The idea for WallCandy Arts first came to designer Allison Krongard was she was tasked with creating a bedroom for an imaginative 3 year old named Max. Unable to settle on a theme — you know how 3 year olds can be — Allison decided to come up with something that could be changed as easily and as often as you change your mind. The stylish decals are intended to be effortlessly rearranged and removed so that any space can grow as you do.

Friday Finds: WallCandy Arts

The decals won’t harm your walls, so you can decorate with less stress. This also makes them appealing for apartment dwellers or renters that don’t want to risk damaging a space. I especially appreciate that these BPA and phthalate-free designs let you explore your imagination safely.

Head over to their website to purchase you own reusable wallpaper or follow their Pinterest page for even more inspiration!

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