Friday Finds: Wishbone Bike

Friday Finds: Wishbone Bike

February is American Heart Month and the best way to keep your heart healthy is through physical activity! Because it’s never too early to start teaching your little ones heart-healthy habits, today we’re featuring the Wishbone Bike Recycled Edition.

Aiming to reinvent how kids learn to ride a bike — and save the earth one bike at a time — the Wishbone Bike has a 3-in-1 design so that it can grow as your child does. The super adjustable frame can transition from a push-trike to a balance-bike, and also go from small to tall. This means you won’t have to buy a new bike every time your little one has a growth spurt.

Friday Finds: Wishbone Bike

The sustainability of this bike goes even further, as the frame itself is made of 100% “pre-loved” residential carpet, collected from homes right here in the United States. Each bike diverts 7.5 pounds of carpet away from landfills, and saves 7.5 gallons of oil that would have been used to make new plastics.

We appreciate the less is more mentality behind the Wishbone Bike, and think that this is another great lesson for children to learn early on. About 5 years ago we got one of these bikes for my 3 kids to share, and it still rides just as well today.

Check out the Wishbone Design website to learn more about their amazing products, and to read about how this family owned and operated brand came to be.

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