Friday Finds: Wood Drying Rack

Friday Finds: Wood Drying Rack

Did you know that your average dryer is one of the top household consumers of electricity? According to the NRDC, dryers cost US homes about 4 billion dollars per year. With Earth Day right around the corner, there’s never been a better time to be mindful of our energy consumption.  If you’re looking for a simple solution, air drying our clothes is an easy way to cut back. This wood drying rack is sustainable, conveniently designed, and made right here in the US.

Air drying not only conserves energy, but it saves money too! Even on low, dryers can take a serious toll on your fabrics. Instead of buying new clothes to replace your faded fashions, take the low-tech route and hang on to what you’ve got. Every member of the family can benefit, too: This rack is sized to fit anything from everyday wear to delicates, like workout gear and precious baby clothes.

The wooden frame is crafted in Maine with milled Eastern white pine and European birch. Place it in a sunny, breezy spot to get the best results; then fold it up and stow the slim profile with ease. Laundry day has never looked better!

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