Fun with Food Art

Fun with Food Art

Fun with Food Art

Sometimes we try our best to have our children eat healthfully, but despite our best efforts they want nothing to do with the fruit and veggies we offer. One solution? Make art out of healthy food! Even the pickiest eaters can't resist the fun presentation.

It's pretty easy to create simple pictures for kids on their plates. You can even do a shape of the day and cut everything "round" or "triangle-shaped" and they can learn as they eat their snacks.

Fruit Art

Avocados make great trees and bushes, but more importantly they're great for your child's heart and liver—among other health benefits. Berries are bright and beautiful, and your children will love to make berry-shaped flowers on their plates. Carrots can be cut into sticks or circles and are rich in beta-carotene.

So many nutritious foods can be cut into beautiful "art," and it takes a lot less time to get creative than it does to convince unwilling toddlers to eat their greens!

Making Nutrition Fun

Even your kids can create their own masterpieces with different fruit and vegetable shapes. We'd love to see your yummy creations, so upload a photo in the comments below or share a pic via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #HonestDIY.

~ Kate Brightbill of Style Smaller

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