Honest’s First Story: The Little Woodsman & The Winter Fox

Honest’s First Story: The Little Woodsman & The Winter Fox

Winter fox

Cuddle up with your little one and read the tale of The Little Woodsman & The Winter Fox — Honest’s first book. This 24-page softcover book tells the story of a little boy (the woodsman) who misses his adorable fox. Subscribers will receive the book as part of their Diapers & Wipes Bundle.

This sweet story coincides with the recent unveiling of our Winter diaper patterns. There are three winter-themed patterns: Winter Fox, Axes, and Evergreens.

winter fox 2

Our design team wanted patterns that reflect the season without being holiday specific, so Honest babies can wear these diapers all winter long. The team took inspiration from the 1940s stop motion Christmas classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the nostalgic winter scenery in that film, then combined that imagery with modern aesthetics.

Honest co-founder Jessica Alba always envisioned incorporating stories into our products, so the Honest design team decided to make the fox diaper pattern come alive with a story. It truly was a passion project for our design team who worked long hours to translate the design into a special children's tale — they wrote the book, made the props, took the photos, as well as sewed the fox by hand, all in addition to creating the diaper patterns themselves.

In the coming weeks, we’ll teach you how to make crafts inspired by The Little Woodsman & The Winter Fox. Keep a look out for some fun DIY tutorials on how to make a Winter Fox of your own, the garland featured in the book, and other surprises!

All Honest subscribers will receive the book regardless of the patterns they select (but we hope you select our Winter patterns!). If you’re not a subscriber, you can download the book here.

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