Honest Inspiration: Framed Fabric as Art

Honest Inspiration: Framed Fabric as Art

The Honest Life

We’re excited to celebrate the release of co-founder Jessica Alba’s book The Honest Life. It’s a colorful how-to guide for people who want to make a healthy and non-toxic home without giving up the fun, fashionable things. In that spirit, Jessica shares tips and tricks for natural living, including giving new life to old things (she has a passion for refurbishing vintage finds).

So, we wanted to share one of her favorite DIY projects from the book with you. As a big fan of crafting, she loves making statement pieces from unexpected sources. During a trip to France a few years ago, Jessica found these happy looking vintage sheets and had no idea what to do with them until she started creating Haven's nursery. Then, she realized it was wall art!

[caption id="attachment_4123" align="alignnone" width="600"]Framed Fabric as Art Photo by Justin Coit.[/caption]

Here’s how you can make eco-friendly art that is both unique and true to you:



  • Frames (Jessica picked these up from thrift stores or places like IKEA and Bed Bath & Beyond)

  • No-VOC latex paint (that color-coordinates with your fabric)

  • Fabric of your choice


1. Pop out the frame glass (so it doesn't get paint-y). Sand the frames if they have glossy surfaces; this will help the paint adhere. Using a small foam brush, paint the frames in colors that coordinate with your fabric, applying thin and even coats (you'll probably need two coats, especially if the frames are at all ornate).

2. While your frames are drying, measure the space inside your frames (you can usually use the glass you popped out as a template), then spread out your fabric and decide which section you'd like to frame. Use the glass template to trace that area, then cut it out with fabric scissors.

3. When the frames are completely dry, reassemble them, framing your fabric just as you would a regular photo or print. (It may help to stick the fabric to the piece of cardboard that comes in the back of the frame with a little double-sided tape so the fabric doesn't slide around.)

Enjoy the inspiration!

Reprinted from "The Honest Life" by Jessica Alba. Copyright (c) 2013 by Jessica Alba. By permission of Rodale Books. Available wherever books are sold.

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