Honestly Grown: 3-Step DIY Growth Chart

Honestly Grown: 3-Step DIY Growth Chart

This month we’ve been talking about the New Year and how we all plan to grow in 2015. Whether resolving to eat more greens, complain less, or stretch more, growth is as much mental and emotional as it is physical.

Today’s DIY focuses on physical growth, and taking time to appreciate it, especially with your little ones! They grow up so quickly; it's important to savor these moments (while they'll still let you). Plus, it will cost you less than 10 dollars to whip one up yourself, so those resolving to reign in their spending this year — read on!

3-Step DIY Growth Chart

DIY Growth Chart


Plank of unfinished wood (4 foot or longer)


Non-toxic permanent pen


Mounting hook




  1. Sketch it out: Lay your ruler flat against the wood and use a pencil to mark off every inch. For every third inch, make a longer line, as this will mark a quarter of a foot. Make the longest lines at every 12 inches, or foot. NOTE: If you are planning on hanging this (as we did here) start measuring from ½ a foot so that it will be accurate.
  2. Fill it in: Use a permanent pen to mark over your lines and make them more visible. If you have the time, feel free to use paint instead!
  3. Hang it up: Use nails to attach your mounting hook to the upper middle portion of your board. Hang your board on some free wall space, ½ a foot from the ground.

Grow with us! 

DIY Growth Chart

We didn't have any kiddos visiting the Honest headquarters today - luckily Mr. Zebra was easy to work with!

How are you planning to grow this year? Share your stories with us in the comments sections below.

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