Honestly Simple: 5 Quick Tips for Tuesday

Honestly Simple: 5 Quick Tips for Tuesday


Honest April loves to maximize her wardrobe without spending any money, so she mixes and matches.

April’s Tip: Mixing patterns in your outfit is a great way to look fashion forward with little effort. Throw on a striped cardigan over a floral tank, and you are instantly on trend for a day in the office!  Be sure to stick to the same color palette in each print, and you are all set.  Added bonus: you will get twice the use from your existing wardrobe just by pairing new pieces!

Honest Christopher knows it’s easy to flip the switch on the A/C when temps rise, but fight that urge and turn down the thermostat!

Christopher’s Tip: It definitely pays to give a thought to your thermostat since most households shell out 50 to 70% of their energy budgets on heating and cooling. For every degree you lower the thermostat, you'll save between 1 and 3% of your heating bill. Do the same thing in reverse with air conditioning. (Bonus Tips: Print on both sides of paper and do your wash in cold water).

Honest Ashley found a great set of vintage copper pots that she brought back to life with this tip for removing the tarnish and restoring the luster, making them perfect home décor pieces.

Ashley’s Tip: Mix equal parts flour and salt in a bowl. Add enough vinegar to make a thick paste. Spread it over the entire surface and let the paste dry. Rinse off and buff with a soft rag! The amount of flour/salt depends on how much copper you need to clean. One pot probably needs about 1/2 cup of each. Super simple and effective!

Honest Tanya feels like she’s always doing laundry and finds that she goes through lots of dryer sheets. Instead of throwing them out right away, she tries to find some use for them.

Tanya’s Tip: If I catch a sheet when emptying the dryer, I use it to wipe out the lint trap. If I miss it, then I'll use it after I'm done folding to dust off our coffee and side tables. Used dryer sheets are great at picking up dust and dirt and I don't need to get my hands wet from wipes or sponges! (P.S. Stay tuned for Honest's dryer cloths...coming soon!)

Honest Sarah is learning to garden and is attempting to add a touch of green to her home, so she’s started off simple and followed her mom’s advice to plant local, drought resistant varieties….but even these low-maintenance plants still need water.

Sarah’s Tip: Water your garden and lawn in the early morning (easy for parents if they have an early riser) or at night because temps are cooler, water evaporates less, and more of it is absorbed into the ground. And pick up some organic mulch for your flowerbeds. These are easy ways to reduce how often you need to water.

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