How to Creatively Display Your Kids' Art Using Hangers

How to Creatively Display Your Kids' Art Using Hangers

Organize Your Children's Artwork

Have tons of kids’ artwork but don’t know where or how to display it? We’ve got a simple and stylish organizational solution for you. It’s so easy, even your little ones can get in on the DIY action and create their own gallery.

Use Hangers to Create a Gallery Wall


·      Hangers

·      Painter’s Tape

·      Non-VOC or Non-Toxic Paint of Your Choice

·      Stencils or Stickers for Personalization


1. Shop your closet for skirt or trouser hangers! Or find some inexpensive vintage hangers at a thrift store.

Have Your Kids Curate Their Own Art Show

2. Invite your little Rembrandts to join you in selecting the perfect space for their gallery wall. If you're going to feature their artwork in a kitchen or love Danish Modern design, consider using natural wood hangers to capture that minimalist look. If you want to add a punch of color to the family or playroom, ready your paints!

3. To protect the metal portions of the hanger, cover it with painter’s tape before applying any paint. However, skip this step if you prefer the natural finish.

Personalize Your Child's Gallery

4. Personalize your hangers using stencils or stickers to add your name child's name or an important date.

5. Paint your hangers in a well-ventilated area and let dry.

Use Old Photo Mats to Display Children's Artwork

6. Attach your child's artwork and hang gallery style. You can use the skirt hangers with matting from old picture frames to showcase their masterpieces in a more finished display. Earthquake putty allows you to attach the artwork to the matting without damaging the paper and is extremely convenient for changing out the artwork on a regular basis. Your kiddos can curate their own show!

Use a Chalkboard Painted Mat to Frame Your Kids Art

7. Bonus DIY. Take a heavyweight mat and cover it with chalkboard paint. Place it on an easel with your kid's artwork and update it daily with a fun note, the art's title according to your child, or the date.

Say goodbye to a cluttered fridge! How do you display your kids' artwork?

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