Make Your Own Version of the Honest Winter Fox

Make Your Own Version of the Honest Winter Fox

finger puppet 2

We've been getting a ton of requests from Honest fans asking us how to make the adorable Winter Fox featured in Honest's Winter Diaper Patterns collection launch and in Honest's first book, "The Little Woodsman and the Winter Fox."

Honest's Senior Designer Jodi knows her way around a needle and thread, and was eager to sew a stuffed fox to go with Honest's promotional images of our winter diaper patterns. While some of you may be sewing experts like Jodi, we made this DIY so everyone — no matter how advanced or nonexistent your sewing abilities may be — can make a cute winter fox of your own. Here, the design team makes a winter fox finger puppet. You can amuse your little one with this finger puppet while reading Honest's winter story, or if you have older children, you can make the finger puppet together.


  • Printable fox template (you can download that here)
  • Felt, orange 4’’ x 5’’
  • Felt, white 2” x 3”
  • Pom-poms, black .12” (3 mm)
  • Scissors
  • Felt tip pen
  • Embroidery needle
  • Embroidery floss: orange, white, black

finger puppet 3




Step 1: Trace your pattern onto the felt and cut out the felt shapes.

finger puppet 4


finger puppet 5



Step 2: Thread your needle with the white embroidery thread. Sew the white parts of the face on the front of the fox and the white part of the tail onto the orange tail cut out.

finger puppet 6

finger puppet 7



Step 3: Thread your needle with the black floss and sew tiny X’s for the eyes and then sew the pom-pom on for the nose. Don’t forget to knot your thread before and after.

finger puppet 8

finger puppet 9



Step 4: Switch to the orange embroidery floss and sew the tail onto the back of the fox, lining the base of the tail up to the bottom of the body.

finger puppet 10



Step 5: Line up the front of the fox with the back, right sides face out. Start at either the right or left side of the base and make a slip stitch all the way around the fox, finishing at the other side. Knot and trim thread.

finger puppet 11



Step 6: Use your fox finger puppet to read along with “The Little Woodsman & The Winter Fox” and enjoy!

Finger puppet 1

If you make the finger puppet fox, share a picture of your creation in the comments.

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