Minimize Messes: Stylish Storage for Kids

Minimize Messes: Stylish Storage for Kids

The month after I had my first baby, I realized I should have thought to put more storage options on my registry. Living in San Francisco means that every square foot is precious and storage space is limited. I needed to organize meticulously, so that I would always be able to find the next size clothing or toys as my little girl grew. At the same time, I needed to have a space reserved for outgrown clothing and toys. Now that I have two children, the need for places to put things seems to have quadrupled, so I am always on the lookout for good storage options! I want storage that functions properly, is stylish, and—ideally—eco-friendly!

Stylish Eco-Friendly Storage

Here are the storage options I'm eyeing for my home right now:

Stylish and Eco-Friendly Storage for Kids

1. Dwell Studio. Their gorgeous printed boxes are made of coated canvas that is Phthalate & PVC free.

2. 3 Sprouts Storage Bins. Charming AND responsible? Yes! My girls would love these animal storage bins, and they are 100% organic cotton canvas.

3. P'kolino Storage Chest. I love that this has all the space for toys inside, and when you close the box, it doubles as a chalkboard!

4. Bamboo Storage Box. Perfect to store kids' socks or accessories, this sleek bamboo box is made from renewable and sustainable bamboo.

5. Charming Basket. This basket was created in Senegal, West Africa by artisans using environmentally friendly, sustainable materials. It would make a beautiful addition to a nursery.

6. Rectangular Sea Grass Bin. Bold colors made from durable, natural sea grass, these would be my ideal option for craft supplies.

Another fantastic option is to use the stylish Honest boxes we receive on our doorstep every month! We love recycling and could the design be ANY cuter? Best of all, it's free to us!

Or get creative like Erin and DIY by using supplies you already have in your house!

Hope this helps your search for storage!

Kate & Erin 

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