Shine a Light: DIY Stargazing Game (+Free Printable!)

Shine a Light: DIY Stargazing Game (+Free Printable!)

Late summer evenings are ideal for stargazing — the weather is warm and the Milky Way is extra visible. But, sometimes constellations can be hard for little eyes to spot. Today’s DIY, from our friend Bettijo of Paging Supermom, brings the night sky a little closer to Earth. It’s a simple activity made with items you likely already have at home!

Once your little ones become familiar with the different constellations, take the family outside and try to find them in the night sky. No one ever complained about a backyard campout

DIY Stargazing Game

DIY Stargazing Game



Cupcake liners

Printable template


Mini hole punch

Glue stick



DIY Stargazing Game

  1. Cut out the constellations from the template and glue each onto the bottom of a cupcake liner.
  2. Carefully use a hole punch to punch out the red circles that indicate the stars in each of the constellations.
  3. Wrap the cupcake liner around the top of the flashlight and secure with string.

Photo credit - Sara Schmutz

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