The Best Apps To Simplify Your Life

The Best Apps To Simplify Your Life

Now that we’ve traded beach bags for briefcases and backpacks, life is starting to look and feel busy. But before we let this transition to fall get the best of us, we can use our tech tools to keep everyday stress in check. To help make these gadgets work for you, we’ve rounded up our favorite apps and online sources that can simplify, organize, and save time in your lives.


1.     Genius always strike when grocery shopping? Love to scribble down friends’ recs on napkins only to lose them? Have a growing list of online bookmarks in an unusable format? Evernote makes it easy to keep track of your everyday life, both online and off, and sync it across all your devices—smartphone, tablet, and computer. It’s the ultimate in note taking organized and searchable according to your needs and how you think.

2.     Cozi Family Organizer is like a digital personal assistant that helps busy modern parents manage the family schedule, organize shopping and to-do lists, and capture special memories—all in one place.

3.     Get a grip on your office and go paperless by putting a stop to junk mail with PaperKarma, shopping your favorite catalogs online with Google Catalogs, and managing all bills and accounts with Manilla.

4.     Our key chains can’t hold the 20+ customer rewards cards we’ve collected around town, so CardStar allows us to shop smarter. You can consolidate all your reward cards and memberships on your phone using this single app—and get bonus coupons too.

5.     Even armed with a list, we still spend too much time in the grocery store trying to pick the freshest foods, decipher ingredients, or even think up meals to make. Harvest helps you select ripe fruits and veggies. Fooducate makes sense of ingredients and encourages healthy choices. Seafood Watch keeps you up-to-date on which catch is the safest for you and the ocean. And Whole Foods Market Recipes provides inspiration for cooking with natural foods. To find more great apps for creating healthy homes, Healthy Child Healthy World offers smart suggestions for eating clean and parenting.

6.     Your children’s art certainly is a treasure to behold, but unfortunately fridges aren’t made to showcase all of it. Don’t feel guilty about having to recycle some of their projects because you can save all their masterpieces using Artkive and Art My Kid Made, apps recommended by Cool Mom Tech.

7.     To make the most of the free time you do have, MomMaps helps you find fun, kid-friendly activities and VolunteerMatch lets you see and sign up for local volunteer opportunities near your home. It doesn’t get any easier to get out of the house!

8.      Because you’re a mom on the go, easily stay connected with friends, family, and Honest using the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram apps!

How do you use technology to simplify? Tell us what apps make your lives easier and should make this list.

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