Winter Collection DIY: Storybook Garland

Winter Collection DIY: Storybook Garland

garland 1

Start decorating your abode like a winter wonderland! The design team at Honest shows us how to make a garland of our own — inspired by Honest's first storybook, The Little Woodsman and the Winter Fox. We love the colors of this garland because they match our nostalgic-feeling winter diaper patterns, and, just like those designs, the color scheme will look good after the holidays are over. You can of course use any color paper to customize these for your holiday celebration.

garland 3


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Construction paper
  • Needle and thread
  • Scoring tool or anything with a dull edge, like a pen cap, ruler, key, etc.
  • Scoring board or a ruler


Step 1: The design team made the master leaf shape on the computer and printed it out on printer paper. From there, they traced that shape onto construction paper and cut out that leaf to be the guide for all the other leaves. Once you have the leaf stencil, repeatedly trace that shape onto your paper.

garland 4

Step 2: After you trace the leaf shape as many times as possible on your pieces of construction paper, carefully cut out the leaves.

garland 5

Step 3: To make the paper leaves look more like the real thing, score the center of the leaves with scoring tool. (Optional: Fold leaf in half and score evenly spaced lines into the paper at an angle if you want veins in the leaf). A scoring board was used to keep the lines even but you could also use a ruler.

garland 6

Step 4: Thread needle with thread, fishing line or any other type of string.

Garland 7

Step 5: Feed needle through top and bottom of leaf. Repeat with the next leaf until you've reached the length you want for each strand.

garland 8

garland 9

Garland 2

Tell us, do you get crafty and make holiday decor this time of year? Share your projects by uploading a photo in the comments!

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