10 Blogs You Should Follow in 2013

10 Blogs You Should Follow in 2013


Inspiration. The perfect theme for beginning the New Year. And thanks to the abundance of great online resources there’s plenty of it to be had as we resolve to refresh and renew in 2013. To get started, we’ve shared ten blogs we think are worth bookmarking. The sites are educational, creative, fun; encourage authentic, stylish, and healthy living; and offer community. Of course, let us know other blogs you think we shouldn’t miss!


Cookie + kate. Vegetarian recipes that any foodie and family would love (plus, a few enticing indulgences for good measure). Kate’s photography alone will make you hungry.

Eco18.  Bursting with great “green” info on everything from beauty to design to food, this easy-to-navigate site offers something for everyone. It’s no surprise that we love the Eco 18 mission, which is to connect, share, learn, and live a healthier, natural lifestyle bit by bit.

Family Sponge. Pursuing an eco-friendly family life is all about baby steps and play! And eating veggies has never been easier thanks to their 30-day green smoothie challenge.

Life + Times. Jay-Z is a man of many talents and interests, as reflected in his blog that gives an inside look at art, architecture, music, food, fashion, and culture. Spend a few minutes on this site and you’ll leave inspired and ready for great cocktail conversation.

Moomah The Magazine. A community for parents looking to connect, do fun and realistic activities with their kids—all with a dash of advice, humor, and whimsy.

Mer Mag. Merrilee’s posts are not only beautiful, but inspire us to think outside of the box when it comes to “reuse, renew, and recycle.” Her DIYs are a modern mom’s and kid’s dream.

Remodelista. This design-minded group of friends won’t lead you astray when it comes to interior inspiration (and all things beautiful). You’ll be pinning a lot!

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Blog. Stay up to date about what chemicals you should avoid and learn how to keep them out of your home (including advocating for change in Washington, D.C.).

The Etsy Blog. Did you know the online marketplace has a blog? Get to know its shop owners and their art and trade. Learn about fun recipes, DIYs, and historical stories. And enjoy the personal reflections of a diverse group of contributors.

the littlest.  Designer Elizabeth Antonia’s reflections (and photographs) on her life—family, food, music, and even Ayurvedic philosophies—are a dreamy delight.

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