10 Tweeters You Should Follow in 2013

10 Tweeters You Should Follow in 2013

We love a good conversation, so we turn to Twitter for news, education, and entertainment—and we appreciate that we can learn a lot from 140 characters thanks to these 10 tweeters to follow in 2013.  What feeds are your favorites?


10 Tweeters to Follow in 2013


@designmilk. Get inspired by modern design. Design Milk thinks outside the traditional design box. Expect to see lots of fun designer features with a balance of eco-friendly elements.

@DrGreene. Pediatrician Alan Greene helps parents and kids thrive by sharing insight into childhood development, health, and living “green” to avoid harmful environmental exposures—all with a caring voice.

@GOOD. Good represents the true definition of the word community by asking questions and actively responding to followers. These LA neighbors share eco-friendly inspirations, including DIYs, tips, infographics, and more.

@HuffPostParents. Educational, informative, entertaining, and downright funny tweets about all things parent related—it’s the HuffPo way. Expect to see lots of adorable videos.

@FoodRev. Be a part of a revolution, get a food education, and learn doable recipes and tips for eating fresh from @JamieOliver.

@mashable. Stay up to date on everything in the ad, tech, and social media worlds—especially because Mashable never misses an announcement or beat.  They tackle tough subjects and link to their well-written opinion pieces, too.

@NickKristof. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof shares brilliant, critical thinking on life, society, culture, and food politics—all contributing to a great discussion.

@unhealthytruth. Robyn O’Brien—former analyst turned author, mother, and founder of AllergyKids—is dedicated to reforming (and restoring) the integrity of the food system and health policy by educating about and advocating for families’ health. She tweets facts and practical steps to keep us well. (Watch her Ted Talk, too!)

@WebMD. Timely food, health, and wellness news from one trusted source—WebMD’s feed is like the online equivalent of “an apple a day….”

@weelicious. Find great recipes that are as kid-friendly as they are healthy.  Perfect for when you need on-the-spot inspiration at the grocery store.

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