7 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

7 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

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She’s the yin to your yang, your love at first swipe, you partner in true-crime podcast binges. You know her better than anyone else, and yet, picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day gift still seems like an impossible feat. 

Roses are red, violets are blue, let us do the shopping for you

Cheesy love poems aside, we’ve got you covered. Whether your valentine is a bookworm, a boss lady, or a little bit of everything all rolled into one, here are seven unique gift ideas to help you show her how much you care. 

#1 For The Outdoors Woman

Wondering what to get her for Valentine's day? If your lady is outside year-round, chasing a sunrise summit or the perfect ski run, get her a gift that can keep up with her adventurous side. Surprise her with a new piece of gear or a cute athleisure set for her next outdoor getaway. 

Or, if her skin has been battling the outside elements, treat her to our Deep Hydration Must Haves kit paired with a gift card to a local spa. Trying to earn a few bonus points? Plan an outdoor weekend trip for two! There’s no better gift than time well-spent together. 

#2 For The Hardworking Mama

Don’t necessarily feel like you have to break the bank on Valentine’s Day for your gal. If acts of service is your love language, offer to lighten the load of the hardworking mama in your life by chipping in a bit more with chores. Encourage her to take a break from chasing toddlers and changing baby diapers, and tap into some of these simple but meaningful Valentine's Day gift ideas:

  • Vacuuming the house
  • Doing all the dishes
  • Catching up on laundry 
  • Cooking Dinner 


Making sure the house is clean and stress-free should free up more time for the two of you to spend quality time together and it’ll put her in the right mental space for a romantic Valentine’s Day. 

Of course, if you already do those things (or if you just want to go the extra mile), then you could try getting her everything she needs for an at-home spa day or giving her a back massage with a rejuvenating body cream.

#3 For The Beauty Queen

Your Valentine sparkles from the inside out and you’d love her whether she’s fully done up or fresh-faced. But there’s no denying the fact that she loves to experiment with new looks—and can’t be caught in public without the right mascara.

If that sounds like your gal, then you might want to consider getting her a new piece for her arsenal of clean cosmetics. There’s nothing more romantic to a beauty queen than good, clean makeup products that are going to make her feel as radiant as she looks.

Just make sure that you pay attention to which products she wears—if she always has stunning eyeliner but doesn’t usually wear lipstick, then a new eyeliner option or our Love Your Eyes Kit could be a safe bet. A new eyeshadow palette might also give her something fun to spark her creativity, while a new lipstick could be out of her comfort zone.

#4 For The Bookworm

Does your Valentine’s Day date spend a lot of her free time catching up on the latest titles? Put together a gift bag that includes a book she’s been dying to read (or a book you’ve read recently that you think she’ll enjoy) and a warm blanket. Drop in a Calm + Clarify Bath Fizz paired with our Mask Moment Gift Kit so she can soak in the tub and nourish her skin all while skimming through the pages of her newly acquired novel. 

#5 For The Boss Lady

Even the busiest of boss women need a little TLC. This Valentine’s day, prepare a home cooked meal featuring all of her favorite foods. Go the extra mile by pairing it with a bottle of wine or a handcrafted cocktail. Then tie this perfect gift all together with a handwritten note that reminds her that all of her hard work and effort doesn’t go unnoticed.

#6 For The World Traveler

She’s been to Botswana, New Zealand, and the Great Wall of China, but has she been to the local Ethiopian restaurant? If you can give her an exciting new experience close to home, it’s sure to be a date night she’ll remember!

Beyond that, she might appreciate something to streamline her suitcase—like a tinted moisturizer with SPF so she doesn’t have to carry cream foundation and SPF for face separately. Travel guide books, beautifully designed passport and ID cases, and carry-on travel sets are also good Valentine’s day gifts for her.


#7 For The Romantic

Some things are classic for a reason. Which is to say, if your lady loves love and the trappings of romance, then the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her may be the classics:

  • Roses
  • Chocolate or other sweet treat
  • Hearts
  • Red lipstick
  • A candlelit dinner paired with a nice bottle of wine
  • A hand-written love note

If you want to make sure it’s both classic and personal, you could try a mix of red roses and her favorite flower, or make dinner reservations at her favorite restaurant for an exceptional date night.

Remember That You Know Her Best!

No matter which gift idea you go with, whether it's a Nighttime Self-Care Kit or a box of chocolate and a dozen roses, Valentine’s Day is ultimately a celebration of the two of you. That means you can trust your gut on this one because nobody knows the two of you better than you.

But if you’re just looking for a little something besides your love to give her for Valentine’s, give her access to clean beauty from Honest®. From tinted lip balms and serums to moisturizers and masks, we’ve got something for everyone to fall in love with. 

Happy, healthy skin starts here. 


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