Meet Graphic + Web Designer Cristina Mendigochea

Meet Graphic + Web Designer Cristina Mendigochea

Meet Graphic + Web Designer Cristina Mendigochea 

What do you love most about working at Honest?

This is a hard one. First and foremost, what makes Honest such a great place to work are the people. I have never worked alongside so many creative, passionate, hardworking individuals. Everyone who works at Honest really embraces the culture and lifestyle and believes in it's movement. As a designer for a start-up like Honest, our small design team of 4 (yes 4!) really gets the chance to work on anything and everything each day. We move quickly around here, but I believe this kind of experience and work environment allows everyone to really grow professionally. You can never say that one department is more valuable than the other. We all work together to keep Honest running and the proof comes from seeing our loyal customers enjoying our products.

What is your favorite product?

Can we first talk about the beautiful packaging? ::SWOON:: Since I started at Honest almost a year ago, I have really seen our products and packaging take on a new life form. We are focused on creating products that work for an entire family. I love that our products look great on your kitchen or bathroom counter and that you don't have to hide them inside your medicine cabinets. My favorite product that I SWEAR by is our Healing Balm. No joke, that stuff works! After running my first LA marathon back in March, I used it for some of my warrior wounds and it healed them in one day. Amazing.

What is your most memorable Honest moment?

Back in June, our design team had the opportunity to attend the HOW Live Design Conference in San Francisco. Our Director of Design Tim Hankins was asked to attend as a guest speaker and talk about the Honest brand. His talk on "Eco Doesn't Have to Be Boring" almost made me break into tears. To be part of something that is actually making a difference in people's lives is such an honor. After his talk, several people from the audience approached us to tell us how much our products had made a difference in their families lives. That is when I knew I was part of something BIG.

How do you embrace the Honest lifestyle at home?

Before joining Honest, I was aware of chemicals in my food and tried to shop organic whenever possible. I, however, never paid much attention to the toxins that most of my everyday cleaning and bath & body products contained. Honest has provided me with so much information and knowledge about what harmful chemicals are out there that I not only embrace the Honest lifestyle, but I pay EXTRA attention to everything I put in and on my body. My boyfriend also loves our products. Can you spot him using the Laundry Pods to do laundry?

If you weren't at work, what would you be doing?

I like to stay active. I try to run, bike, and swim whenever possible. I completed the LA Marathon in March, did a Mud Run, and now I am training for my first-ever Triathlon with my boyfriend. If I am not working out, you can find me watching House Hunters International with my dog Rocket and creating interior design boards on Pinterest.

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