Meet Honest Content Associate Molly Segal

Meet Honest Content Associate Molly Segal

What do you love most about working at Honest?

Everyday I learn something new. My position allows me to interact with many different departments full of bright and talented people, and I am constantly challenged to learn new skills and refine the old. There is never a dull moment. I am also extremely grateful for the support I receive from my department and the opportunity to also write for our Honest Beauty Blog.

What is your favorite product?

I love the 3-in-1 Facial Towelettes because they keep my face fresh and clean all day. I keep a pack in my car, one in my workout bag and another in my bathroom.


What is your most memorable Honest moment?

We recently had a Fringe Your Jeans party for an upcoming blog post that made a pretty hectic day one of my favorites. I learned that distressing your jeans was de-stressing, and I am beyond fortunate to work with some amazing, vivacious and loving people.

How do you embrace the Honest lifestyle at home?

I am more aware of what goes in and on my body. My family and friends have quickly traded in all their cleaning supplies and makeup for Honest and Honest Beauty products. My little cousin rocks our diapers and my grandma would be lost without Healing Balm.  



If you weren't at work, what would you be doing?

Anything that involves sun, beach, family, friends or a great book.


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